Friday, September 16, 2016


Well, after a few false starts, I decided I will finally commit to designing, building, and hopefully, flying a successful Human Powered Aircraft by the Spring of 2017. I had a few design ideas going through my mind a year or so ago, and I ran out of time for my project. Well, I recently returned from Basic Combat Training for the Army National Guard, and have just gotten back into this interest of mine. I'm still in High School, on my Senior year. I will have to see how much time I have for the project as one weekend a month is taken for Drilling for the National Guard, another weekend of the month for EMT Training, and other hobbies of mine, might make this a bit hard to complete by the time I leave for AIT to finish my Military Training.........

Well, anyway, I am in shape, so that's a plus.

Check back in a few days for any more progress.


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